2nd Free Artwork Template Special Rin from Shelter

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[For more detil the editable content on this template, watch Bang TEGS video ^^. Link below]

Hi there :D
We meet again :3
Sorry i've been gone for a long time
Many things to do and orders really trying to kill me xD

Ok, this is the 2nd free artwork template
This template is made by my friend Bang TEGS and me
He done for many things here, i just helping on make the animation for Rin xD

Ok, you can buy the steam background here :
Download the font :
And here's the template download link : +

You can watch Bang TEGS video here ^^ :

Backsong : Shelter by Porter Robinson (Instrumental ver.)

Closing backsong : Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - Frankie Valli (Instrumental ver.)
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