3D Home Design | 20x30 house plans | 2 bhk home plan | 20x30 west facing house | Full Details

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3D Home Design | 20x30 House Plans | 2 Bhk Home Plan | 20x30 West Facing House | Full Details

In this we will talk about 20'x30' house design 3d with walkthrough.


I have designed the interior of this plot very attractive which looks beautiful.

In this plot, I have designed a hall, 3 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms, on the ground we have given a lot of passage and bathroom.

In The first floor we have given two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a big balcony with a beautiful interior design.

In this video, we have told everything related to this plot. where we have applied colour, where have used furniture, where have done it in Korean etc.

We have provide all measurement details with complete information.

We have explained all the details of this plot in Hindi and have shown it through the walk through 3D View.

1. Elevation design
2. parking details.
3. plan layout.
4. hall interior & ceiling
5. tv unit details
6. dinning area
tiles and cabinets.
9. balcony info.
10. second layout.
11. second floor bedrooms.
12. second floors interior designs.
14. bed paneling.
15. ceiling attach with tv unit.
bathroom info.
17. wardrobe and dressing section.
18. korean tv unit.
floor layout.
20. third floor walk through view.
21. third floor passage 3D tiles.
22. third floors 2 bedrooms info.
23. wardrobe and dressing area.
24. bedrooms interior and colours.
25. bedrooms tv unit with ceiling.
26. 3D wallpaper in ceiling.
27. dedicated bathroom
28. study area.
29. balcony info.
30. home

We Create Modern Home Design in 3D with All Details. 2D Layout, 3D Layout, Walk through Views. Everything Explain in Hindi.

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