Advanced Red Teaming: Weaponization & Adversary Simulation

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The number of cyberattacks is undoubtedly on the rise, targeting government, military, public and private sectors. These cyber-attacks focus on targeting individuals or organizations to extract valuable information, gain money through a ransom, or damage their reputation. 43% of cyber attacks these organizations are facing are Advanced Malware, APT Attacks, or zero-day attacks.

With adversaries getting sophisticated, the best way to test enterprise security operations & defenses against them is through simulating their attacks, leveraging the same tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

In this webinar, we will be announcing a new intensive training that will take you on a journey into the attacker mindset, we will be covering how to simulate real APT Attacks, ransomware attacks, and bypasses their defenses and detection systems. We craft our spear-phishing attacks, malicious documents, and our undetectable cyber weapons to bypass their defenses and test the blue team detections with real-world scenarios.

In this upcoming training, we won't be relying on commercial products instead we will be relying on open-source projects and our developed in-house tools and weapons.

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