Ain't No Sunshine - John Mayer - By Jamie Harrison (Lesson in Description)

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The lesson includes videos on how to play this song, understanding this style of guitar playing, chords, lyrics, note for note instruction, my studio gear, my microphones, detailed info on my guitar and amp, my thoughts on tone, and tonnes more.

This song has probably been the most highly requested song since the release of Slow Dancing, Gravity and Neon. This is John Mayer's version of this classic song from Crossroads in 2010. And after just losing the imensely talented tribute to the writer of the song, Bill Withers. I stuck to the original song for the most part, and managed to get a lend of a beautiful old Gibson guitar that I could play this on. It's a bit of a deviation from my Strat stuff, but said I'd give it a go seeing as how many of you asked for it! Hope you enjoy, and I'll catch you over on the course! :)
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