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five nights at Freddie's has turned into five nights at arsenal

i was one of the first people to win this event, i lived streamed it yesterday and now i give Tips And Tricks on how to beat it. night 1 is the easiest, just don't forget about the box lady, night 2 introduces a yellow guy, basically go into a closet to avoid him, or just don't turn around at all and use WASD to walk backwards. night 3 introduces fake loot, which you can see by seeing odd stuff spawn on it. night 4 introduces less time on the box lady, faster ai, more interactions, and more items needed while more fake items being spawned. night 5 has 9 items required, 90 seconds on box lady, and the fastest ai. this will quickly become annoying rather than scary as the maze like finding for the real item in the pot of fake items is very annoying. after that it is good game, jumpscares are a real thing when you first play it but you do get used to it after a certain amount of times.

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