Animal Crossing New Horizons: UNRELEASED FEATURE REVEALED! (New ACNH Building Confirmed?)

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A look into the Summer Update data-mine reveals hints at a new Special Character and new Shop returning to Animal Crossing New Horizons.
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Today we discuss the news surrounding the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons data-mine findings published within the community.
Multiple reports have revealed data that hints that both Luna the Animal Crossing special character and the Dream Suite functionality currently exist in the code and may become a new feature in a future update.
The Dream Suite in Animal Crossing New Leaf was a way to visit another players town, without the need for the player to be online. Plus it was a good way to show off your town without the worry of people stealing things or destroying it.
With the Dream Suite being rumoured to return to New Horizons for some time, it makes sense that Luna would also return.
Would you be happy to see Luna? Would you want her to have a Shop? Let us know in the comments ????

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