ASMR | Reviewing Masks from Small Businesses (Read Description!)

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Yay! I've been following studies and articles that have been released on masks, and it's pretty overwhelming how effective they are! So I went on a search to support some small businesses and pick up some masks for venturing out into the world! I've been looking for multi-layered cotton masks that are adjustable and I wash them after every use.

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2:25 - Three Buzy Bees () (they just messaged me that you can use the code GIBIFREE for free shipping!!! They’re so nice ????)
7:21 - Magickal Regan ()
10:50 - Yarn & Whiskey ()
13:55 - KaijuCutandSew ()
16:09 - b. Yellowtail ()
18:50 - the a/c space ()
22:36 (I FOUND IT LOL you can skip to 24:30) Enchanted Trimmings ()

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