Astra/Sage Wall Combo is BROKEN on Valorant!

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With the release of the new agent Astra I have been thinking of ways to combine her utility with Sage's. As the Big Brain Sage Main, I came up with the idea to do wall boosts and hide in obscure angles behind Astras wall ult. This worked almost every time and the enemy team never expected a Sage to be in such off angles. To see more 200IQ Sage walls mixed with other agent combinations, come check out my Twitch and Discord, link down below:


Music Used:
Flute of the Traveler - Harris Heller
Pixel Sunrise - Harris Heller
Radiant Vibes - Harris Heller
Let's Link -
Macha - Harris Heller

Astra Sage Wall Combo is BROKEN on Valorant
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