Attempting To Help My Siberian Husky Lose Weight! [READ DESCRIPTION]

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Sooooo hello everyone!! Can I just start off by saying this will be a long process. To anyone that thinks I’m cruel because we get comments all the time calling Millie due to her weight. She is 34kg, she has problems with her back paws she has for years when she runs she never runs fully so it’s very hard for her. If she does too much it can injure her paws and then she can’t walk for weeks at all, Rupert our Male who looks super skinny is 30/31kg so there is not much difference between them both. Major difference is she has been spayed and Rupert has not been so his metabolism is a lot better than hers. Also she had puppies which didn’t help, also her back paws and sore. She walks the same as Rupert does, if anything millie has more walks to try help her lose weight. Also she eats less food than Rupert these things happen. Plus she is crossed with German Shepard! And I know people love Millie because she is chunky but I want her to live as long as possible she’s my baby, I just have to be so careful not to over do it because of her paws so it’s a real challenge! Hope you all understand!! Will keep you all updated! Love you all! Thanks for watching!
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