BEST Mouse For JITTERCLICKING (Comparaison)

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Hello my friends, in this video we will find the best mouse for jitterclicking, i will do a comparaison of all my mouses that i currently get and we will find out wich is the best for jitterclick! we will be playing in combo 1v1 on coldnetwork for enjoy those high cps haha !
Let me know in comments wich mouse you use for jitterclick and how much CPS you get !
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- Bloody a70
- Glorius Model O
- Logitech G Pro
- Razer DeathAdder Chroma 2013
- Cougar Minos x5
- Logitech g900
- Bloody a90
- 1$ Logitech mouse
Disover wich one is the best for jitterclick in this video :)

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