Black Scorpion vs Halloween Crab

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Black Scorpion vs Halloween Crab shows fascinating fight reaction of black scorpion after being attacked by the Giant. This video is only for EUDUCATION and SCIENTIFIC purposes showing how Crab and Scorpion uses their defense and attacks. It´s a wild nature and not a promotion of violence. The Crab attacked the Black Scorpion first, but finally the Scorpion repeated the attacks. See how the Black Scorpion manage attacks of Halloween Giant Crab and who has better self-defense technique in real fight of these 2 insect´s predators. You can see in the fight parts of Kung-Fu and Judo and Box as well.

Black Scorpions are predatory arachnids of the order Scorpiones. They have eight legs[ and are easily recognized by the pair of grasping pedipalps and the narrow, segmented tail, often carried in a characteristic forward curve over the back, ending with a venomous stinger.
All scorpions have a venomous sting, but the vast majority of the species do not represent a serious threat to humans and in most cases healthy adults do not need any medical treatment after being stung. Only about 25 species are known to have venom capable of killing a human.
Scorpions are opportunistic predators of small arthropods, although the larger kinds have been known to kill small lizards and mice. Depending on the toxicity of their venom and size of their claws, they will then either crush the prey or inject it with neurotoxic venom. This will kill or paralyze the prey so the scorpion can eat it. Scorpions have an unusual style of eating using chelicerae, small claw-like structures that protrude from the mouth that are unique to the Chelicerata among arthropods. The chelicerae, which are very sharp, are used to pull small amounts of food off the prey item for digestion into a pre-oral cavity below the chelicerae and carapace. Scorpions can ingest food only in a liquid form; they have external digestion.
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