Buying Your First Soldering Station (UPDATE READ DESCRIPTION)

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(UPDATE) I've already discussed in the video, but I want to once again warn people to be careful of models that may differ internally from the one that I am reviewing, as those could be potentially dangerous. Please inspect the internals of your soldering station, whether you buy it from or elsewhere. This video is (as of now) 6 months old, and I'm receiving reports that some of the stations being shipped via BangGood might differ, internally.

★The following (affiliate) links are for equipment that might not be internally identical★

►T12 Soldering Station:
►T12 Tip Collection:
►T12 Stand:

Whether you're a new player looking for an affordable soldering station or a skilled electronics enthusiast looking for an equipment upgrade without breaking the bank, I believe I have you covered. I've tested a variety of these soldering stations that directly drive Hakko styled T12/T15 tips, and I couldn't be more impressed with this specific DSGER model. I love it so much that I haven't been using my Hakko stations for the past month. I never recommend gear without putting it through its paces. I've actually tested several different "forms" of this station. And while they all look cosmetically identical, it's a very different story, inside.
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