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Design Space has two new features coming.

Very soon we will be experiencing a 7 day roll out of these new features!

One of them is OFFSET. Yes I know, I am super excited too!

This feature is amazing and something we have all been repeatedly asking for.
It’s very simple to use and you can create several offset layers from one layer. It’s literally a slider for the thickness and some very basic options of square or rounded corners. I promise it’s very easy to operate.

I will update you with videos and more information in the coming days but for now here is a quick run through.

It will only be available on Design Space for Desktop at the moment, for those on Windows you will need to operate on a minimum of version 10 (64-bit) to use this new feature.
Mac users who have Design Space are already running at the correct version, I have been told.

Honestly this opens up so many possibilities.

With this new update, as well as offset you will now be able to create Project Collections which means we can now organise our projects in to folders!
Access members can create an unlimited amount of Project Collection folders for their projects and I for one can not wait to organise!!

There is also another change coming. If you are an Access member this change will not affect you.
If you are not an Access member, as of some time in the future (I will update when I know) you will only be able to upload 20 items a month, this includes all image and pattern files. This allowance runs from the first until the last of the month and there will be no rollover of unused upload allowance.
You will also be limited to 5 Project Collection folders.

No uploads up to the point of change will be affected so you will not lose any images or work.
Please direct any feedback to Cricut in a respectful manner. I do not work for nor am I employed by Cricut. I simply relay what they share with me as with others.

This will be a 7 day roll out very soon. Don’t worry if you aren’t selected for the roll out straight away, within a week of it starting everyone will have it.

Access subscription costs £ per month. This gives you access to over 130,000 images, over 400 fonts and thousands of projects. You also get 10% off digital purchases and there will be additional benefits in the near future for users. USA / Canada users also receive 10% of orders and so with my code Crifty2021 you will get 20% off orders over $50 (electrics excluded) You will also have unlimited uploads and unlimited Project Collection folders.

Compared with many other font and image subscriptions Access is one of the most cost affective ones available. It comes with many benefits and even after all these years as a Cricut user I would not be without Access.
It is constantly evolving and the image library alone is worth the monthly cost for me.

Exciting things are coming and the Cricut blog even mentions Kerning! How amazing will that be.

Who else is excited for offset?!

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