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I am sitting here watching the sunlight fade and the nature nightlife come out. Today was quite the day for a new hunter. He is a Northern Irish man with a degree in psychology, known him many years.
He heard what he described as “something wood on wood like but more like the power of a large sledge hammer, I could not believe how loud it was from right over there”. I had left him to retrieve the quad a kilometre away.
We had a few what I call ‘unfortunate’ moments today with that mention being #1. #2 next was a trail camera placed 3 days ago 8ft up being spun to face a tree 8” away. The new batteries were also drained and only 4 videos including us as well a moose. No triggered video of the camera moving.
We then went on a deep timber hunt and found an area maybe 20 metres square where something snapped off maybe 30 trees at our head height. Some where snapped three times and twisted about 6” up from the ground. 5 small trees had been pulled up in what looked like a handful and tossed on the ground. You could clearly see the entry direction from the trail of head height broken off trees.
Yes, I video taped it all. Do I see this as exciting? NO. It actually angers me because I’m just NOT INTO IT.
My friend was “more disturbed by this sight then the tree beating sounds at first light”.
Anyway, is what it is. Camp better remain sane tonight. We will be deep into the Rocky Mountains in a couple days!
Be safe all!
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