Custom Lego Accessory Review: eclipseGRAFX 11th Birthday Bash, Halloween, and Christmas

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Lots of amazing loot from eclipseGRAFX, I had to combine them all due to the orders taking so long to get here during the holidays. So we have the 11th Clippy Birthday Bash, Halloween, and Christmas loot all in one! Some great stuff came out of the birthday loot like the awesome head crates and the sick random zombie heads made. I absolutely love the zombie heads. There are so many great design to add to the horde and some are infected, while others can still be used as humans. Planning to grow the horde with these! The Christmas release had so great stuff especially the Christmas sweaters! Along with three very well-known Christmas movie accessories. TVs, DVDs, and the movie cases to add. At least I have the sweaters now for next years Christmas photos! Comment below for more Lego items you would like me to review! And don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

eclipseGRAFX Website:

11 Clippy Birthday Bash Head Crate:

Zombie Apocalypse Heads - Random:

Box of Gauze Pads:

Block Ramen Noodle Soup:

Pregnancy Exam:



Hydrogen Bloxide:

ABS Gloves:


Sorting Water:


Fire Extinguisher:

White Mask - Male:

White Mask - Female:

Snow Globe - 2020:

Christmas Sweater - Space:

Christmas Sweater - The Child:

Christmas Sweater - Stormie:

Christmas Sweater - Mando:

Christmas Sweater - Octane:

Christmas Sweater - Rex:

Christmas Sweater - Bounty Hunter:

Candy Cane Box:

TV Screen - The Grouch Who Stole Christmas:

TV Screen - Elf:

TV Screen - A Christmas Story:

Movie Case - A Christmas Story:

Movie Case - Elf:

Movie case - The Grouch Who Stole Christmas:

DVD - A Christmas Story:

DVD - The Grouch Who Stole Christmas:

DVD - Elf:

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