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n o t e
????️┊watch in 1080p
????️┊i made some changes on the intro, so it's not exactly the same as the original one.
????️┊(intro from: )
????️┊00:49 – ooops, i forgot to insert the arrow cursor image
????️┊00:53 – intro editing starts at

i m a g e s
☀️┊google search:
☀️┊image used to make the background:

f o n t s
????┊Gauge Bold, CoveredByYourGrace

a p p s
⚡┊KineMaster, Picsart, Phonto, Background Eraser

m u s i c
????️┊STEESH - The Feelings

d i s c l a i m e r
????┊i do not own the images, gifs, sound effects, and music used in this video
????┊i am not a professional and this video is purely for fun and entertainment
????┊english is not my first language so please excuse any grammatical errors you may encounter
????┊please do not re-upload or steal any of my videos, i may not be great at editing and not as good as others, i still treasure my works and efforts
????┊give proper credits if needed or stated above

a c k n o w l e d g e m e n t
????┊i am very grateful for the owners of the images, gifs, music, apps, because without them this video wouldn't be possible
????┊i am also very thankful for my subscribers and viewers, because you guys are the reason why i keep making videos ♡

p l e a s e r e a d
????┊i hope people will stop sending me messages or comments saying subscribe to each other or support each other (well, i'm okay if you want me to check your channel or see your video, if i like it, then of course i'll subscribe/like/comment. but, i only support and subscribe to channels i'm genuinely and truly interested in. i don't care if you'll hate me. if you think i'm rude or bad, then you can totally unsubscribe, you can dislike all of my videos and leave :)) after all, it's my choice and it's my decision.

q u e s t i o n s / p r o b l e m s
????️┊feel free to express your opinions on the comment box down below~

v i d e o r e q u e s t
❄️┊i don't always do or accept videos requests, because some of them are already on yt, and i think there's no sense on making them anymore when you can just literally search them up lol
❄️┊but if you still want me to make them, comment it down below! then i'll decide whether i want to make it or not

s o c i a l m e d i a
????️┊insta: moonbeige_official

f r i e n d l y r e m i n d e r
✨┊☑ drink plenty of water
┊☑ always think positive
┊☑ love yourself
┊☑ be kind and humble

s u b c o u n t
????┊•『 790 』•

t a g s
????┊#cute_intro #intro_tutorial #aesthetic_intro #cute_aesthetic_intro #cute_aesthetic #aesthetic_video #google_search_intro #doodle_intro #pixel_intro #game_intro #website_intro #cute_pixel #aesthetic_outro #cute_outro #outro_tutorial #moonbeige #moonbeige_intro #steesh #cute_anime_intro #ios_notification_intro #ios_reminder #android_intro #kinemaster_aesthetic #picsart_intro #kinemaster_intro #ashley_garcia_intro #jessica_vu_intro #bianca_gan_intro #alliana_dollina_intro #how_to_make_intro_using_phone #how_to_make_intro #pixel_cute_aesthetic #no_copyright_aesthetic_music #pastel_aesthetic #pastel_cute_intro #pastel_kawaii_intro #kawaii_intro #kawaii_aesthetic_intro #cartoon_intro #cartoon_aesthetic_intro #free_cute_intros #cartoon_cute_intro

w a t c h m o r e
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⌕ My Computer Intro Tutorial:
⌕ How To Edit Like Ashley Garcia: Aesthetic Computer Intro + Macbook Photobooth using phone!:
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