D Y Patil Medical Simulation Centers - Consultancy Services

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Lets us hold hands while thinking of expanding medical teaching through simulation to plan for phase-wise budgeting, incorporated in the syllabus, making faculties ‘Sim-ready’, self-sustainability, & method of ROI in simulation.

With an experience of eight years, we have set up two comprehensive simulation laboratories of 10,000 sq. ft each. Having academic excellence with 14 Mayo Clinic trained Simulation Instructors belonging to the different fraternity of medicine. Exclusively trained technical staff to overlook the smooth functioning & to maximize uptime. Operations team/ Management representatives executing 720 workshops yearly.

D Y Patil Medical Simulation Centers would like to take your institution forward on this journey of simulation or skills laboratory through our consultancy services overlooking three major areas Simulation Planning & Design, Simulation Management Consultancy & Simulation Operations & Management. Specialty Planning, Turn-Key Design Review, Expansion Services, Equipment Planning, Inventory Management, Assistance in Commissioning, Integrating Management System, Financial Growth Strategy, Business Development & Promotion, Inclusion in Student curriculum
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