Dangerous Wall Demolition - Doing It Ourselves

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A wall in the upstairs of the cottage that was meant to stay in place, has come loose from its fixings and is in danger of collapse. this means more dirty work to demolish and remove it, luckily with Dad and Sean around there is nothing that the three of us can't do to put it right, and stop any serious head injuries should it collapse in the future.

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My name is Michael Petherick and I live with my family at Chateau de la Basmaignee in north west France.
My brother and his fiancé bought this building with some inheritance money three years ago and we are slowly restoring it to live in, and run as a business.
It’s always a financial struggle to keep the place going and we have to work hard to keep our heads above water, but we love it and wouldn’t have It any other way.
When they knew that they were buying the château, my brother asked me if I would like to move over and take part in their new so I packed my bags, gave up my life in England and moved here to help bring this place back to life.
We do all the renovations ourselves including construction, decorating and collecting antique furniture that we buy cheaply to restore. Our goal is to fill the château with beauty and life as it once was.
I have a passion for history, art and all things old.
These videos are a series of stories about my life and experiences living in a French castle
I’ll be showing all aspects of life here, from renovation and DIY, to crafts and baking, art, daily life and a bit of fun thrown in for good measure. There’s much more to see and our journey is still just beginning.
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