Dave Simpson Trio LIVE 12/09/2020 (Please Read Description)

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John Joe Gaskin - Drums -
Johnny Simpson - Bass

This video is not monetized as its not my music I'm playing.
In all fairness I'm surprised it didn't get blocked.
Theres still time so watch it while you can. ;)

I apologize for the low vocal level too.
Where the camera was positioned, it couldn't quite pick up the PA over the band sadly.

Killing Floor 0:01
Foxey Lady 4:09
Devil In Me 9:03
Little Wing (Camera Cuts out sadly) 14:44
Look At Little Sister 24:14
Bad Penny 28:29
Ballad of John Henry 38:22
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 48:48
Rocking In The Free World 1:00:44
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