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How to deal with rude family members of your patients: As a nurse, it is inevitable that you will come across a patient who has extremely rude family members.

This can add to the stress and anxiety that you are already experiencing while working as a nurse. In this video, I offer some tips on how I deal with these rude/aggressive family members of patients.

As a general rule, you never want to become aggressive, rude, or antagonistic toward a patient's family members, even if they are being rude to you. It's best to be kind and let any rude statements roll off of you. As the old proverb goes: "A soft answer turneth away wrath."

Try to put yourself in their shoes and understand that they are also stressed because they don't know what's going on. They can be concerned over the health of their loved one, stressed about potential medical bills, and they can also be uncertain of the future care or needs of the patient.

So try to put yourselves in their shoes and understand that your patient's family members can be going through a lot of emotions, and when that happens, people tend to lose their filter, which can lead to rude statements or behavior.

Hopefully, the tips I give in this video can help you deal with rude family members so that you can actually turn them into an asset! And trust me when I say that family members can definitely help you out as a nurse!


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