DIY mouse gun pocket holster for Taurus PLY 22 made from Coroplast, Gorilla Tape & overconfidence

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How to make a small pocket holster for a small concealed carry pistol like a Taurus PLY 22 or Beretta or Ruger made from Coroplast and Gorilla tape.
This is my first holster and design. I will make improvements to the next one. I will not be adding cable ties but sewing the holster with heavy-duty upholstery thread, but I will still reinforce it with Gorilla Tape. I think I can make a smaller holster with a better pocket footprint. The Coroplast worked out a little better than I expected. The cable ties and Gorilla tape made for a very robust holster, although kinda rednecky looking. The bulge from the cable ties draws attention to the holster which is the opposite desired effect, but it does help add friction to reduce the ability of the holster to easily slide out of the pocket. A simple addition of a strip of neoprene would have the same result without creating a bulge.
I would like to emphasize the pistol had no cartridge in the chamber and was on safety and for much of the video the pistol did not even have the magazine in it. I did add the loaded magazine at the very end to test the weight of the Taurus in the holster. One of my favorite ways to carry the Taurus is in a large front shirt pocket. I will try to make a small holster for the front or back pants pocket that is rectangular.
This was a fun project and took very little time considering I have never made a holster before. Coroplast and Gorilla tape are pleasant materials to work with. I look forward to the usual helpful YouTube comments.

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see ya out there.
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