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In this stream we’ll be taking some time out of our day to draw together :3

**During these streams we do end up talking about serious topics if at any point you feel uncomfortable you can leave !!**

????Superchats are welcome but aren't required- thank you if you do ????

Rules is this live chat::

????Don't spam, we will put you in time out and next would most likely lead to a ban. we try to read as many comments as we possibly can and if you're spamming we can't get to everyone.
???? We are open to discussion here but if you're being any type of phobic and racist you will be banned without a warning.

Support the channel ????????????

follow all of my socials::
twitter: ( I'm not that active there but if you wanna you can--)

I'm using the :

Molotow Paint Markers
Posca Pens
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