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Thanks for watching my Magicka Sorcerer PvE Guide. Please see below for key updates for the Greymoor/Stonethorn Updates. Big thanks to Wilfer for the parses and rotation advice! Links to his twitch and all of the build info are below.


Not much will really change for the Mag Sorc for Greymoor. The info in this video is 95% still relevant. All of the rotations still work and the gear options are still pretty much the same aside from best monster set options. This will probably be one of my last builds to fully update due to how little has changed. I'll summarize those changes below. These comments are specific to Mag Sorc:

For Monster Sets, Maw of the Infernal is now a great option and should beat out Zaan. Ilambris is no longer very good after the adjustments. Domihaus is a really strong option on bosses with big hit boxes.

Bashweaving was nerfed to do very little damage now so it isn't necessary in a rotation anymore. You can just ignore that part.


Pet's were buffed to receive both Spell Damage and Magicka now instead of just Magicka. 2 pet build hits like a truck. Just replace one of your spammables with the scamp and cast it once per 10s rotation.

Medusa is a nice option as it helps with bar space by not having to slot channeled accel or barbed trap. You'll want to run it on jewels + 2 body pieces if you run it.

Crystal fragments is now .8s so it CAN be used as your main spammable. It is a little awkward because of the channel (feels like wrecking blow does for stam). But if you really need the bar space, you can use it as the spammable and it will proc its secondary form too. Ele weapon is still generally a little stonger and easier to use for single target DPS and force pulse for aoe situations.

DPS on sorc is a little higher this patch. I've seen 93-94k DPS range parses posted w/ 2 pets and around 90-91k with 1 pet.


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CMX for 90k Parse:

Novice Build:
Intermediate Build:
Advanced Build:

Novice Rotation:
Intermediate Rotation:
Advanced Rotation (w/ Orb):
Advanced Rotation (No Orb):

Wilfer's Lokk Parse:
Wilfer's Yoln Parse:

Intermediate Rotation Parse using Grund/FGD/Sorrow:
- Add 6-8k for Siroria/Zaan

Novice Rotation Parse using Grund/FGD/Sorrow:
- Add 6-8k for Siroria/Zaan
- Also no Minor Force - Didn't have Channeled Accel unlocked on my Sorc and the PTS is borked currently, Didn't Optimize CP either :| - Will try and redo at some point

Essential Passives:

A couple of notes:

Mages Wrath and Endless Fury are both good morphs depending on what you are doing. I like endless fury a little better for 4 mans and for certain responsibilities like killing orbs in cloudrest. Mages wrath gives a little more AoE dmg though. So choose that according to what you're doing.

Also, these rotations all work with a 0 pet build as well. Just slot bound aegis or w/e skill you need instead of the pet and skip the prebuff part that involves the pet. You lose a little passive dmg and health but it's nice for extra bar flexibility.
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