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New York City is on track to move to Phase IV of the state's reopening plan on Monday, but it will do so without the reopening of any new indoor venues like malls, museums and more, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday.

He offered no new timeline for those reopenings. The announcement echoes the strategy Cuomo took for the city in Phase III two weeks ago, when he allowed the five boroughs to make the transition absent indoor dining amid heightened national concerns about increased infection risk from enclosed spaces.

Cuomo said the state would issue a final decision at 4 Friday on the city's Phase IV, which also reopens low-risk outdoor venues like zoos and botanical gardens with strict capacity limits and mandatory COVID precautions in place.

Earlier Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city and state were still finalizing the Phase IV approach for the five boroughs and indicated both were "feeling cautious." Given the still spiraling and record-breaking COVID surge, de Blasio said he wouldn't be surprised if the city tweaked or delayed its Phase IV rollout -- particularly as it relates to the venues Cuomo listed.

"The outdoor elements I feel good about and confident about so long as we're clear about the standards and enforcement. The indoor is causing me pause," de Blasio said. "There can't be a slippy slope there. Indoor is the challenge and we have to be very tight about it. I think there are substantial parts of Phase IV that can move ahead. There are other parts we have to be very cautious about."
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