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Tim Larkin here. Today we continue another 4 part interview with a subject matter expert, Marc "The Animal" MacYoung. Mr. MacYoung grew up on the streets of Los Angeles in the 70s. Experiencing situational poverty, he was thrust into violence at a young age. As an adult, Mr. MacYoung turned into an author and legal advocate for those who use self-defense to survive. His books are were some of the first introductions I had to information on self-defense.

Part One -

Links for Marc MacYoung:

(What You Don't Know Can Kill You: How Most Self Defense Training Will Put You Into Prison Or The Ground)

00:00 Introduction
00:27 Recapping Part One
02:05 Part Two Of The Interview - 5 Stages Of Violent Crime
06:15 Those With Knowledge Of Violence Are The Minority
08:42 Criminals Are Professionals With Violence
11:59 Normal People Only Have Experience With Social Violence
15:20 Peyton Quinn's 4 Rules Modified (5+1)
23:30 Normal Habits Don't Work With Asocial Violence
27:00 Difference Between Combat Sports & Real Violence
33:23 Self-Defense Is Legal, Fighting Is Not
34:24 In Closing & Please Subscribe

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