Grilled Cheese Ramen Recipe

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Today, Josh is showing you how to create grilled cheese infused ramen. MK #031

This recipe is from GMM #1640, Will It Ramen? -

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Time Stamps:
Ramen Noodles - 0:38
Cheddar Pork Broth - 4:40
Bread Fried Egg - 7:52
Assemble - 9:40

Step 1: Tomato Ramen Noodles
* Box of baking soda
* 400 g bread flour
* 4 g salt
* 1 g tomato powder
* 80 g water
* 85 g tomato sauce
* Liquid red food dye

1) Bake baking soda in a sheet tray to alkalize it. Remove from sheet and put into the bowl.
2) Add 8 g baking soda, tomato sauce, water, tomato powder, red food dye, salt and flour.
3) Knead until a firm dough is made.
4) Wrap dough in plastic and allow gluten to rest.
5) Remove from fridge and roll out on pasta sheeter.
6) Roll through spaghetti cutter.
7) Flour the sheet pan and noodles. Set aside until ready to use.

* Small sheet tray
* Medium bowl
* Plastic wrap
* Pasta maker with spaghetti attachment
* Large sheet tray
* Bowl of flour (for dusting)

Step 2: Cheddar Pork Broth
* ⅓ cup dehydrated cheddar cheese powder
* 2 oz jack cheese (pre shredded from a large block)
* 2 oz american slices (with the plastic still on the sheets!)
* 4 oz mild cheddar cheese (pre shredded from a large block)
* 2 cups milk
* ¼ cup cream
* 2 cups water
* 1 pork bouillon cube
* 1 tablespoon MSG
* Salt
* White pepper

1) Heat up milk, cream and water in a large pot.
2) Add bullion cube and MSG.
3) Whisk and add cheeses + cheese powder.
4) Cook until thickened. Stick blend if lumpy.
5) Add salt and white pepper to taste.

* Large Pot
* Whisk
* Stick blender
* Tasting Spoon

Step 3: Bread Fried Eggslut
* 2 eggs
* Salt
* 1 cup batter made of flour, water, and egg
* 1 cup panko breadcrumbs
* 2 slice white bread

1) Add eggs to cold pot with a pinch of salt. Boil for 5 minutes.
2) Add eggs to cold water with ice.
3) Remove from water and shell you eggs.
4) Roll out white bread with rolling pin.
5) Dip egg in batter.
6) Cover egg in rolled out bread.
7) Roll in panko.
8) Fry until golden brown.

* Tongs
* Rolling Pin
* Fryer with Spider

Step 4: Assemble
* Finished Broth in Pot
* Egg
* Chashu Grilled Cheese
* Uncooked Tomato Noodles

1) Boil noodles for about 2 minutes.
2) While noodles are boiling, spoon your broth into a bowl.
3) Slice the egg and grilled cheese and be sure to cut off the crusties.
4) Strain noodles and place in a bowl.
5) Add the egg and grilled cheese.

* Paring knife
* Pasta strainer
* Pot of boiling water
* Ladle
* Ramen Bowl
* Ramen Spoon
* Chopsticks
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