HALLOWEEN KILLS Official Trailer Reaction | GAY COUPLE Reacts ????

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What's up Queerdos & Weirdos. ???? Today, we threw our thang down flipped it and reversed it because, for the first time, we've stepped away from music reactions and into the world of the ooky spooky. For those unaware, Corvyx is a horror film buff and loves the #MichaelMyers Universe. We sat down to watch the #Halloween Kills trailer, having seen the Halloween 2018 in theaters together, and recorded our first horror movie trailer #ReactionVideo !

Fun fact: we previously filmed another horror movie trailer reaction, but never got around to editing and posting it. Can anyone guess which film it was for?

What did you all think of the trailer? Who's stoked for Jamie Lee Curtis to kick some more bloody behind? Comment below and make sure to like! Remember to JOIN THE QUEERDO KULT!! Smash that subscribe button and turn on those bell notifications! ????

What should we react to next? Drop suggestions in the comments.

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