Hanging Anything on a Wall!

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I get asked this a lot - How do you hang items on your wall. There are so many ways and items that you can do this and in this video, we'll talk about the easiest way to hang absolutely anything on your wall - from picture frames, shelves, televisions- knowing how to Do It Yourself would save you a lot of time and money as well as give you the freedom to do it YOUR WAY!

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Leveling Bar(make sure you choose the right length) :
Magnetic leveling Bar (recommended) :
Laser level:
Measuring tape:

3M Double sided tape :
Scotch mount extreme:
3M velcro mounting tape :

3M command strips :
* (links to the 3m official lazada store) find all the types there

Lightsaber type lights: (video lights)

Builder's bond sachet:
Builder's bond tube:

Tv mount we use (make sure it's the right size for your tv):

Drill I'm using:
Budget drill I recommend (with drill bit set):

Drill bit set:

00:00 Intro
1:15 Basics
2:34 Light items (no nails)
8:25 Medium weight items (no nails)
10:14 Huawei Vision S
13:50 Heavy Items
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