Happy wish day 14 February | Happy valentin's day | Happy Love day | Happy kiss day

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Welcome to Handmade cards ideas channel. In this video, you will learn how to make Special handmade valentines day card. You can give this Special valentines day card to your boyfriend, girlfriend. Easy step by step procedure is given in the video to how to make Valentines day card.

Black, white chart papers
Red color paper
Decorative pearls and stone stickers
Glitter foam sheets(white, red)
Design punching tool(optional)
Photos to attach
Marker pen, scale, pencil, scissor, glue.

2020 Valentine #Week List #Dates and Schedule | Valentine Week 2020 | #Valentine Month #2020 | #February

In this #video you can watch full list of valentine Week and valentine month of 2020 .

7 February 2020 Thursday, #Rose Day
8 February 2020 Friday, #Propose Day
9 February 2020 Saturday, #Chocolate Day
10 February 2020 Sunday, #Teddy Day
11 February 2020 Monday, #Promise Day
12 February 2020 Tuesday, #Hug Day
13 February 2020 Wednesday, #Kiss Day
14 February 2020 Thursday, #Valentines Day
15 February 2020 Friday, Slap #Day
16 February 2020 Saturday, #Kick Day
17 February 2020 Sunday, #Perfume Day
18 February 2020 Monday, #Flirt Day
19 February 2020 Tuesday, #Confession Day
20 February 2020 Wednesday, #Missing Day
21 February 2020 Thursday, #Breakup Day

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