【HololiveEN】Gawr Gura Sings Full Karaoke Stream (Timestamps in the description)

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Stream was not archived on her channel, so here, for the bros who missed our blessed shark's Karaoke stream, no more pain-peko:)

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I do not own any audio or video shown. At Owner's request the video will be taken down / edited to meet their requirements.

11:45 Ride on Time
21:33 Judgement (For Coco-Senpai )
26:44 Bloody Stream
31:30 Departure
39:36 Cruel Angel's Thesis
46:15 Fly Me to the Moon
50:23 Dragon Night
1:00:44 Gurenge
1:04:56 Odoryo Fish
1:09:39 Chiisana Boukensha
1:15:42 Mousou Express
1:18:50 Promise of the World
1:25:50 Baka Mitai
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