How To Easily Make Inexpensive 3D Metal Like Wall Art Using These Steps

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Are you looking for unique and interesting wall art ideas? Well, this is a video you want to watch! Today, I’m sharing step-by-step on how to easily make 3D Metal-Like Wall Art.

Project Supplies:

Since I do DIY projects a lot, I do not factor in the cost for tools since I already have them.
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Project Supplies - Be sure to visit my Amazon Supply Store - to purchase your project supplies:

- Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
- 36” Square Wooden Dowels (Qty: 8-10) - Dowels are less than $1 each
- 48” Round Dowels (Qty Depends # of Lines) - Dowels are less than $1 each
- Silver Metallic Spray Paint
- Matte Black Spray Paint
- Used an Ook Picture Hanger to hang the piece on the wall

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