How to make a Miniature Paper Snapback Hat | EASY Template

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Paper Hat! :) This video shows you how to make a creative paper mini snapback hats or caps with the DIY Designer Snapback Template. Fun to make one for yourself or as a gift for a friend, suitable for a lot of occasions like a birthday, a party, a sports match, a surprise gift or much more!

The template shows 2 size options. 1 mini version and 1 wearable version. The video contains a few creative customisation ideas to start with :). For example, i made a New York Yankees cap, a panda cap, a unicorn kawaii eye lash cap and a DIY Supreme Snapback. If you want to make the bigger cap, note that you always have to test the size of it, to see if it fits you. You can make him slightly bigger or smaller by scaling the design on your printer.

Template on a4:

Template on Letter:
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