How To Make The Best Hand Sew Breathable Face Mask - Face Mask Does Not Touch Your Nose & Mouth

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This face mask is super easy to make and you will never lose it,, so convenient for everyone when you are eating or drinking you don't need to take the face mask out , just kindly pull it down and hang it on your neck like you're wearing a name tag

To Make this you'll need
For Adults
2 - 11" fabric circles ( but only use 3/4 set of it, Please watch the video for instruction)
1 - 16" Elastic
2- Buttons
Nose wire if you don't want to use foil

For Teens
2 - 10" Fabric circles ( Please follow the video)
Pleats on the chin will be 3/4" each side ( Watch the video)
1 - 15" Elastic
2 - Buttons
Nose Wire if you don't want to use foil

Kids from 3 Years Old to 7
2 - " Fabric circles
1 - 14- 15" Elastic depends on your kids
2 - Buttons
Nose Wire If you don't want to use foil
The Pleats at the chin will be 1/2" on each side

For materials Please visit the link below

Hand Sew Needle




Nose Bridge Wire



Please Kindly watch the video for more details how to make this awesome mask
Thank you for watching, Please Stay Safe And Take Care
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