How to Protect Dragon Fruit Flowers from insects and others diseases @Kisan Mitra

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5 Must Have Tools in Dragon fruit farming:-
1) Pruning and Dragon Fruit Cutter
:- ????

2) Fungus Removing surgical blade
:- ????

3)Cut Resistance Hand Gloves
:- ????

4) Spray tank battery operated 16L

5) PH Meter(4 in 1)

For Pollination Process:-
Headlight or Head lamp:-

For Controlling Sunburn or Yellow leaf Problem :-
1) Green Miracle :

For Controlling Fungus Diseases
1) Saaf 500gram pack

2)Saaf 100 gram pack


4) Pseudomonas(1Ltr)

5)Original Waste decomposer Bottle:-

For Dragon Fruit Plant Growth
1)Humic acid (1 Ltr)

2)GIBBERELLIC ACID - 5gm (Gibralic Acid)

3) Amino Booster-G 30% Amino Acid Solution Organic Plant Growth Promoter (1L)

4) OrganoMagic Liquid Soil Booster Organic Liquid Fertilizer for all plants 5 Ltr

Ant ???? Problem and other insects
1)Neemoil(1500 ppm)

2)Neem oil (10000 ppm):

For Water Management and PH value check:-

1)SVE LCD Display Professional 4 In 1 Temperature, Sunlight, Soil Moisture, PH Tester Meter:-

2) Water Tds Meter

Vermi Bed :-

Dragon fruit farming Training series All Episodes

Episode 1:-
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Dragon Fruit Farming in Haryana ,Punjab,M P

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Farm in this video:-
Rana Dragon fruit Farm.
Address:- Village :-Gharaunda

@Kisan Mitra

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