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This topic been so popular for some A lot Ennchael/Mennard shipper already not ship it because of the

Guys!! U don't need to listen to them! U don't need to follow them. Do what u like, for us shipper ennchael/mennard has been hating so much. Because of the lore that ennard kill Michael, and ennard I'd the part of the funtimes (and that including Elizabeth or he's sister who posed CB).

That why there's and AU (Alternative Universe). A lot people not really understand this, because-
People keep saying that the AU is just a excuse for us to ship. And that kinda triggered me a lot, if really don't like the AU just leave it u don't need to hate it or being rude make a video about it. If u guys like the lore story more then, I'm not hating.

In my Au, ennard is not the part of the funtimes. Soo pls for u guys who not understand this, that people have they're own Au.

And ennchael/mennard has going down too, soo pls guys don't listen to people. U do what u like, your on your own.
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