Inside Marketing Design at Basecamp - Episode 9

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Basecamp does things a little differently to most companies. Hear about their alternative approach to marketing design from Lead Marketing Designer Adam Stoddard.

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Basecamp takes a different approach to growing a tech company, and the same is true of their approach to marketing design. In this episode I speak to Basecamp’s lead (and only) marketing designer, Adam Stoddard, about how his approach to integrated design has him designing in the browser, copywriting, maintaining multiple websites and doing the print design too! You’ll hear how he gets it all done, and have some preconceived notions about the “right” way to do things questioned.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:50 - Team structure at Basecamp
4:45 - Responsibilities as a marketing designer
8:40 - Being the designer and the developer
12:40 - A/B testing
17:10 - The pitfalls of modern marketing
20:25 - Tracking, privacy and tools
24:00 - Starting a project with copy, not visuals
28:35 - Design tools
31:20 - Every version of a page is shippable
33:45 - Isolation when your work is self-contained
35:20 - The future of marketing design at Basecamp
36:50 - Why Adam loves marketing design
40:20 - Wrap up and closing thoughts



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