Interceptor Missile Guidance & Control: Full Flight Simulation Tutorial! (MATLAB / Simulink)

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In this video you will learn the fundamentals of missile guidance, navigation and control. This tutorial will cover developing a MATLAB and Simulink model of a missile hitting it's target using Proportional Navigation Guidance. Next, a Simulink 3D animation is done! You will learn

1) 3-Loop Autopilots (pitch attitude control)
2) Proportional Navigation Guidance
3) Missile Line of Sight and Miss Distance Calculation
4) Build a full flight simulation!


Simulation!: 0:00
Intro: 4:28
MATLAB Code: 12:06
Simulink Model: 12:29
Results: 24:30


Missile Autopilot Model:

Missile Guidance:

Proportional Navigation (PN) Video 1:

PN Video 2:

PN Video 3 [Derivations]:

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