Intro to Craniosacral Therapy Live Online with Lauren Christman

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Coming up, August 8-9, this 8-hour web-based course with Lauren Christman is designed to introduce practitioners to the principles, perceptions and foundational techniques that can be used safely by a beginner. Click here for details:

This short class introduces basic Craniosacral principles and methods — giving students a taste of this work within a structural bodywork approach. Students are given a general overview of the anatomy and physiology of CST. They practice techniques to develop sensitive hands and the inner stillness that anchors this healing art. At the end of this class, students will gain several essential techniques that they can integrate into other types of manual therapy, and an exposure to this method to know if it is something they want to pursue further.

Structure: 4, two-hour sittings; sequential and cumulative (students need to participate all 4, in order, to receive a certificate of attendance).

Daily schedule: 10AM-12PM
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