(Introducing Japanese Hair Salon) Cut My Long Hair Like Livi Ackerman But Mixed with K-POP Trend#286

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(Introducing Unique Hair Salon Culture in Japan, and hair dresser) My brother is a professional hairdresser in Japan, so I asked him to cut my hair like Livi Ackerman from Attack on Titan, but mixed it with nowadays K-pop trend hair. Yes it sounds difficult but he did really Good Job! I also introduced Japanese unique hair dresser cultures too, It's a bit different compared to other countries, but hope you enjoy learning Japanese Culture ????

Video Timeline
0:00 Heading to Hair Salon by a Car
0:32 Introducing Japanese Beauty Salon
2:17 Shampoo and How Much It Cost
3:42 Deciding the New Hair Style
4:05 Cutting my Hair / Does the Pandemic Affect the Business?
5:34 How to Request Hair Style WITHOUT Japanese?
6:03 How Much It Cost to Be a Hairdresser in Japan?
7:30 Does Someone Actually Tip in Japan?
8:07 Hair Set up
8:40 Complete!
8:58 My Brother's House
10:24 Something Extra

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