KeyShot 10.1 Collision Detection & Simulation?!

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I finally made time to crank out a tutorial featuring KeyShot 's new tools: Collision Detection and Settle (a la hardbody simulation) to make a fun pile of candy! Shout to on the Render Fam discord for planting the seed of inspiration for this tutorial!

KeyShot Rendering Masterclass:

Download the free project files here:

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:11 KeyShot Collision & Settle Tool
6:13 Rendering Masterclass Promo
7:03 Making the M&M candy material
22:55 Simulating the M&Ms
24:40 Re-positioning rogue M&Ms
26:25 Adding a backdrop
27:39 Adding an area light
31:24 Render Settings
32:26 Camera Settings
33:09 Firefly Filter
33:33 Outro

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