????Kids Meme || Original (remake) {{gift for CrownedX Wolf}}????

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First of all
I finally remade a original meme i made 1 year ago and it's the gift i Made for CrownedX Wolf! TuT
I know this one looks waaayyyyy lazier as the other one-
Because i had not enough space to drag everything into flipaclip and it would delete almost the half of the video-
And this song is copyrighted- so yay
Thats why i had to slow it down and it Sounds weird-

So CrownedX Wolf,
has been a Inspiration to me for so long time
And i really got inspired by her to start animating and really loved the AMV she made about her Oc alma witch is a hella interesting character ! So i made most of the meme about him so aaa-
So thx for inspiring me and being such a nice Person UwU ????????
U deserve gifts and much attention because in my opinion you are still underrated for what work u put in your animations!
So i hope u like this somehow XD

Watch her AMV and sub to her if not-
what u doing here???:

(Also- yes i am not activ on instagram- because i took a break from it the holy summer hoildays including my birthday- because i feel like Drama will come again and i will get to much attention in my brithday that i do not deserve- so yeah)

《Stay save everyone !》
《And good Night ???? / Day ????》
Original: by me
Inspired: by my old one? (Deleted aa)

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  --v--v--     ~bye ????????????
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