Landscape watercolor | How to draw a bench with nature | Red bench | Easy tutorial [ART JACK]

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Today's drawing is a bench where you can relax with nature.
It is a daily scenery, but it is peaceful.
The feature of today's painting is the one where the props are the center.
I hope that it will be a time to understand the expression of texture and the reflection of light from the base (bench).
Another highlight is how to express the wood grain of old trees.
The reason for masking is for bright and thin surfaces,
It is also used to draw clean parts as in this picture.
If you follow step by step, you can follow my picture.
For the learning and happiness of my channel viewers, I will do my best.
I ask for one thing.
I would be grateful if you could watch the advertisement and my video to the end.
Now, with the music, I hope you enjoy the process of my painting being completed.
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