leno circular loom, leno bag loom, mesh bag loom, mesh sack loom, leno sack loom

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leno circular loom, leno bag loom, mesh bag loom, mesh sack loom, leno sack loom,
We provide turnkey project for plastic woven bag production line, PP PE woven sack production line, mesh bag production line for garlic onion potato coconut packing, leno bag production line, jumbo bag FIBC big bag production line, fish net production line, plastic shopping bag making machine and so on. Our main products include: high-speed, middle-speed and economic type plastic tape extrusion production line, tape winder, circular loom, leno loom, plastic extrusion coating machine, laminating machine, flexo printing machine, PP block bottom valve bag making machine (hot air welding), woven bag automatic cutting and sewing machine, plastic monofilament extrusion line, plastic rope making machine and other auxiliary machines.

this line includes plastic tape line and monofilament extruding line, circular loom or flat loom, laminating machine, bag cutting and sewing machine, baling machine complete line.
this leno bag circular loom is revolutionary products. In past, circular loom only can make tube fabric, cut and sew, put rope by workers, it needs a lot of labor and take a lot of land.
Now with this type of circular loom, it can automatically insert rope into tube bag, cut open into flat fabric, sew the bag top edge on loom, after winding, directly put on our L type cutting and sewing machine, it greatly reduced workers, save a lot of space.

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