Lil Happy Lil Sad - Bounce (Full Album in Description)

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shawty let’s bounce
shawty let’s go
i don’t wanna stay here everything cold
so baby girl dance
shawty lil hoe
i drip in versace you drip in my gold

give me your hand
give me your soul
i been sellin mine and the price really low
i wanna go back
i wanna come home
everything black god puttin me on hold

everything black everything cold
distorted my mind i been diggin for gold
obsessed w myself and makin my moves
but none of this help so i turn to the noose

yeah once again, holding my friend
it all gone be worth it, i know i was sent
i sing bout my pain, i’m living in hell
spit on my name boy u won’t speak again

i’m so fucking lost why i stay where the pain be
i’m lookin back wishin i was the same me
it’s over forever i let this shit change me
its hard to stay real,

gettin back up but i feel like i’m faking
back to the top everybody start changin
night come around and my whole body shakin
can’t tell how i feel
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