Liquid Level Control Relay: Description and Installation

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• Controls Level of Conductive Liquids in Pump Up (Fill) or Pump Down (Drain) Applications.
• Adjustable Sensitivity from 5K to 100K ohms.
• Dual Voltage 120 or 220 VAC Supply.
• LED Status Indication.
• Protects Pumps from Dry Running.


The EN-3P liquid level control relay is a dual-probe conductive liquid level control unit with contacts that open and close in response to a liquid levels sensed by the probes. It can send signals that activate or de-activate solenoids, pumps, alarms or pressure switch devices. This makes it suitable for use as a liquid level control system, to protect submersible pumps against dry running or preventing storage tanks from “overflowing”. This device can also be used to control dosing of liquids in mixing processes and to protect heating elements in the event of non-immersion.

The sensitivity can be adjusted within the range of 5KΩ to 100KΩ by rotating the knob on the unit. This sets the level at which the relay determines whether liquid is present at the probe or not.

The EN-3P is dual voltage, it can be used with either 120 or 220 VAC. The internal contact can start directly pumps of up to , higher power pumps need an external contactor.
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