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Welcome to live readings with Moon! A little different than Moonchild and Chill.

Tonight I am open for one question readings for $10 (tips are also accepted and appreciated) . The cash app and PayPal links are below. Here are some rules before you submit payment:

DO NOT submit a payment and belt out your question in the chat. There is a line and it is formed on a first come first serve basis. If you cannot wait, do NOT submit your payment.

Please submit your screen name with your payment so I know who I am looking for in the chat. If I call out your cashtag or PayPal name, it is to verify your screename and payment. If i get no response in a timely fashion, you will be refunded.

Please check to see if the list is open before submitting any payment for a question. If the list is closed when you submit, you will be refunded.

If the list is open please check with moderators to see how many are on the list to determine if you can wait until you are called. If you submit payment and are on the list, please check with moderators to see where you are on the list. It will be updated frequently.

Please be ready with your question when you are called. You will be refunded and will have to resubmit your payment to get back on the list if you are not ready when called. Please refresh frequently to make sure you are in real-time when in the chat.

One question means one question or one topic of focus. If you submit more than one question, you will be refunded and taken off of the list.

All superchat submissions will be considered a donation and will NOT place you on the list, so please use the links below to submit your payment. You will be placed on the list once I call your name, and verify your payment. Once I  tell you "I got you", you will be placed on the list by moderators.

I like to laugh and have fun when I do this so please follow all instructions properly. It makes it run a lot smoother. With that said Let's Go!




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