Makeup Giveaway/Gift July 2020 | Chance to get free makeup | Enter Now

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Hello everyone.
To enter into this giveaway you have to follow some rules.
1. Like this video, commnet , share and optionally subscribe to this channel????

2. Follow me on insta homics070 ????

not message me on insta, I will contact you when is needed, however you can answer to my stories on insta in Yes Or No ..... ( no personal questions)

not spam your comments/messages. When some one wants to commnet and they pause the video without even watching it, then chances are thier commnet remain in spam folder which is not acceptable in this giveaway.

not copy and paste your comments. If you do, you will not be a part of this giveaway automatically.

6. Join my live stream if you have any questions

I think everything is now cleared ????
I wish all of you best of luck.

Enter now????????

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