Marvels Avengers Game | I'm Sorry I Didn't Listen...

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Marvels Avengers game. What's up guys? RBG here bringing you another video on Marvel's Avengers. I feel like I owe some of you guys an apology. Not because I'm late on making these types of videos. But I want to issue an apology to the 1's who warned me of this game's inevitable downfall. If you've been following my coverage for Marvel's Avengers from the very beginning then you know that I was very optimistic about it. When it was first announced that Marvel and Square Enix were collaborating to create a game featuring the Avengers I thought it was a win/win situation. We saw how good Marvel games could be if they're given the same development as a Triple A game. Like even though they're two completely different games we can't go without comparing it to Insomniac's Spider-Man. Seeing how well Sony and Insomniac did with the first game you would that think Square Enix would inject what made Spider-Man so good into their Avengers Project. But what we got was a repetitive live service game that has continued to disappoint. And its frustrating because I have to admit that I was completely wrong. As the months have rolled on we've seen how incompetent the devs have and continue to be. We have yet to receive any new information on the future for Marvel's Avengers. Like its almost like we've gone back to those early days where we didn't even know if this game exists at all and the only thing that was keeping it relevant was online influencers like myself. And I commend those who're still doing the damn thing man. I honestly don't see how they're doing it since there's literally nothing more to talk about and there's a lingering fog over the future of this game. But I take my hat off to them. I take it that they're still enjoying Marvel's Avengers and they're being patient that things pick up for it.

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