Meeting Other Players In GTA Online

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Starring: Josh Han (), JB Tadena () and Doua Moua as the extra walking in the back.
Directed by: Stephen Ford
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Filmed on Samyang:
Dat Camera Tho:
Most Used Equipment:
Our Editing Beast:
Filmed with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.
Shot with Samyang VDSLR MKII.
Cut on Alienware.

Ascender is a production company where we blend cinema and gaming, but in reality it really isn't a production company, it's more like one dude, Stephen Ford, who creates a bunch of stuff and like a few people who help that dude make that stuff. They're pretty great. I think they're called producers? Oh, you wanna know their names? Ugh. Fine. Colton Mastro, Jenn McDonnell, Michael Lieberman, Jerome Knight, Brennan Mejia, Jake Gyllenhall, Will Smith, Jon Sudarkasa. Thanks for watching. If you're not subscribed by this point while reading this I'm going to come over to your house, bake you a cake, chill and watch The Boys Season 1 with you and then stab you or whatever. Okay. Cool. Bye.
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