Modern Master Suite Design Room Tour

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Tour of modern master suite designs in a SHEMSS home. We showcase modern vanities, modern bathroom mirrors, lights, faucets, sinks, bathtubs, and modern showers.

Finding modern and contemporary bathroom design options can be a challenge since local building and hardware stores don’t tend to carry modern or contemporary designs. We attend shows and travel to different cities searching for modern and contemporary vanities, sinks, and everything else that puts together a modern bathroom.

SHEMSS is a modern custom home builder in Lake Tahoe, we specialize in modern and contemporary interior and exterior design and we build what we design.

if a builder or a homeowner likes the bathroom design they can purchase and download a PDF design packet that features all the design aspects of the bathroom. Names of the products will be provided in the design packet, with available links to where the items can be purchased, or store location will be given if not sold online.

For more modern bathroom ideas and tours, subscribe to our channel. For your convenience, we often tag sinks, lights, baths, faucets, and more with names, that way you can find them and perhaps use them to design your own bathroom.

Built & Designed by SHEMSS Inc.


We Don’t Build Houses, We Build Homes.

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